HGH has brand new songs!

HGH Promo

Click here to download all three tracks for free!

Who do you want to see playing with HGH?

We've got a great show coming up with KNTU's Infrequent Exposure! Two bands have already been confirmed, but a third is still being chosen! Now is your chance to help choose what awesome band will open up the show with HGH! Vote at the link below and get this party started!


HGH interview on 88.1's Infrequent Exposure!

Zach Killian returns with another great Human Groove Hormone interview on his show, Infrequent Exposure! Listen to what David, Zack, and Matt have to say about HGH's latest new music!

Oaktopia 2014 Lineup Announced!

Oaktopia 2014